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We do offer multi-disciplinary services to the energy sector in UAE, GCC countries, Turkey, Africa and looking forward to extend our operations to other countries in the near future. We are unique in the sense that we can trade, export or import oil and Gas solutions enabling you to save time and cost at the same time. Partnering with the right key industry players in this sector is a great asset that we are proud of. We primarily focus upstream and downstream energy sectors. Our competitive prices, fast delivery and secure financial solutions will accelerate excellence in operations. Our quality control measures and health safety solutions will underpin what is required on technical level to deliver your objectives just in time. We minimize deficiencies in the process, logistics and financial terms. Therefore, you will only deal with your own production and services to deliver the best quality for your consumers. We rely on high standards based on ISO 9001, HSE regulations. We have attestations from various authorities locally and internationally.

  • To provide the highest quality of products, and to comply with HSE regulations to minimize the risk factors, reducing hazards in operations.
  • Provide premium services to our partners, contractors and customers. Be the best oil and gas, and petrochemical service provider in the region, partnering with industry key players to ensure continuous, complete and sustainable solutions.
  • Our core values are integrity and commitment to fairness.
  • To comply with the general business principles, Code of Labor and local and international regulations.
  • To follow the quality assurance and product safety’s.
  • To update and elevate our processes on environmental sustainability programs.
  • To deliver the best quality of services for our partners, stakeholders and consumers.

We promote an inspiring, innovative, transparent work environment, where employees has the liberty to engage, create and contribute to the operational processes of gulfipet.

We aim to continuously deliver value added services to our customers, shareholders, and stakeholders: by constantly delivering and supplying the best quality of oil and Gas products, as well as the petrochemical solutions to overcome the scarcity and the huge gap in the industry especially after the covet era.  We aim to deliver operational excellence and environmentally safe solutions, employing a diverse, innovative and results-oriented culture of operations for the sustainable growth of our company and the market as a whole.

We are committed to deliver optimum benefits with minimum costs to maximize the potential of trading in energy sector. To make the necessary structural changes in cost reduction, in terms of trading in oil and gas sector. We aim to safeguard assets, and integrity of each consumer, stakeholder, or partner by providing transparent communicational processes to establish the best contracts and trade treaties within the energy sector. More commonly, we would like to provide a robust management system for our clients in order to remove the hustle of trading, minimize the financial risks and burdens. 

Gulfipet acts in line with government regulations, and comply with relevant rules to help generate ease the liabilities, and contribute to your sustainability goals.



Our Petroleum platform start to work at gulf region in 2007 with the name of Phoenix and L-Tech Energy International FZE and our new section registered in UAE as a GULFIPET FZE in year of 2021. We are a global group of energy and petrochemical companies with an average of 185 employees in more than 12 countries. We use advanced technologies and take an innovative approach to help build a sustainable future in energy.
As investment trade partner, we work with energy partners all around the world, multiple investors, and contractors to provide best quality of petrochemical, Oil and Gas solutions to GULFIPET partners, customers as well as stakeholders.

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